Graves County Health Department Emergency Preparedness Graves County Health Department Emergency Preparedness

Watch Fiscal Court Meeting Live on Facebook 


The Graves County Fiscal Court will hold a public hearing on
September 18, 2020    at 9:00 p.m.    via Zoom/Facebook Live for the purpose of obtaining comments from the public regarding the proposed tax rate.

The Public can view Facebook live at; to speak at the Public Hearing contact the Office of the County Judge Executive at 270-247-3626 or 101 East South Street, Mayfield, KY 42066 for Login information

The tax rate levied last year was       9.6      and produced revenues in the amount of $
1,566,578            .  This year's compensating rate is         9.6                        and will produce revenues in the amount of $ 1,655,209                                     .  The         Graves                         County Fiscal Court proposes a tax rate of    9.9                                    which will produce a total of $
     1,706,934                     in revenues.

Revenue expected from New Property is $     29,483                                 ; revenue expected from
Personal Property is $     286,394                      ; revenue expected from Motor Vehicle is $
   315,529                                ; and revenue expected from Watercraft is $
   9,788                                   .

Revenue received in excess of last year's revenue will be used for
   Public Protection                                                                                                      .

The Kentucky General Assembly requires that the   Graves                   County Fiscal Court pub lish this notice with the above information contained herein.

The Graves County Fiscal Court will hold a Special Called Meeting on Friday, September 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM via Zoom/Facebook Live with the following Agenda:
Public Hearing – 2020 Proposed Tax Rate
Review/Approve Minutes – August 24, 2020
Set 2020 County Tax Rates
Special Purpose Governmental Entities: (SPGE) Presenting Tax Rates
Graves County Public Library, J.U. Kevil Memorial Foundation, Graves County Health Department, Graves County Extension District, West Fork Mayfield Creek Watershed District,             West Fork Clarks River Watershed District, Obion Creek Watershed District
Surplus (2) Scag Diesel Zero Turn Mower
Road Updates/Discussion:
Tower Road, Dogwood Extension, Commerce Street, Nancy Drive, Dan Road Extension, Ken-Tex Drive X
Claims presented by County Treasurer
Graves County Fiscal Court August 2020 Financial Statement
2019 Graves County Sheriff Property Tax Settlement
2019 Graves County Sheriff Franchise Tax Settlement
Cancel September 28, 2020 Regular Fiscal Court Meeting
Executive Session – Land Acquisition


In accordance with KRS 61.823, KRS61.826, Executive Order 2020-243 and OAG 20-05, the Graves County Fiscal Court will meet in regular session at 4:00 p.m. on June 8, 2020 to consider the following Agenda.  The meeting will take place via Special Video Teleconference. Due to the current public health situation, members of the public will not be allowed to attend.  Instead, the meeting will broadcast/shown live at Graves County Fiscal Court Facebook Live page.


  1.  Call Meeting to Order
  2. Mayfield Graves County ASAP Update Mrs. Lauren Carr
  3. Minutes from Regular Meeting on May 26, 2020
  4. Discussion of Ordinance - Graves County Industrial Authority
  5. Claims
  6. Financial Statement May 2020
  7. Graves County Jail April 2020 Housing Report

Jesse Perry
Graves County Judge Executive


For the purpose of maintaining social distancing under the CDC guidelines and to promote the health and well-being of the general public to reduce the community spread of disease, we here at the Graves County Fiscal Court along with all departments at the Graves County Courthouse will be closing all In-person government services to the Public effective March 18, 2020. We are here to serve our citizens however we are following the Governor’s Guidelines. Staff will be in the offices and will be handling business over the phone, email or by mail.

Graves County Judge Executive Office 270-247-3626

Graves County Clerk’s Office 270-247-1676

Graves County Sheriff’s Office 270-247-4501

Graves County PVA’s Office 270-247-3301

Graves County Attorney’s Office 270-247-6321

Graves County Child Support 270-247-6323

Graves County Circuit Clerk 270-247-1733

Graves County District Judge’s Office 270-247-0580

Graves County Circuit Judge’s Office 270-247-8726

Graves County Jail 270-247-4373

Graves County Road Department 270-247-5805


We are open, our Staff is here to help you. You may contact the office phone at 270-247-4501, or by email (emails are listed on the website

Watch the Graves County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page for updated information.

Complaints for “Price Gouging” will be investigated and possibility turned over to the State Attorney General’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies may try to handle non-emergency calls for services over the phone, if possible. This will cut down on face to face personal contact. However, there will be a response when the situation dictates.

Anyone that may be aware of someone that is perhaps elderly that may be suffering from some sort of self-neglect due to the current chain of events, please contact the sheriff’s office so that we can make sure that they receive whatever service that they need.


The Graves County Jail has altered some of our business practices at the Graves County Jail and Restricted Custody Center. However, we do intend to keep the jail and restricted custody center run as smoothly as normal and allow inmates families to remain in contact as much as possible.

As of March 16,2020, we will allow the free video visitation to continue at both facilities with the booths at the jail being open from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. No one will be allowed inside either facility with a fever of 100.4 or above. Temperatures of all persons entering the facilities will be checked prior to entry into the secured areas.

This is a fluid situation and may require further precautions to be implemented in the near future, which we are prepared to do. We are working with local law enforcement and other agencies to provide maximum care for inmates and employees.


Automobile Registration and Titling

The public has three options for renewal of their vehicle registration. First, online renewal is available for most vehicles at Second, registration may be mailed to:

Graves County Clerk

101 East South Street

Mayfield, KY 42066

Third, you may call us at 270-247-1676.

Mail-in renewals should include the prior year registration receipt, proof of insurance, and payment. Online renewal instructions are included at the website listed above.

Vehicle transfers will be suspended until further notice. Individuals that have purchased a vehicle from out of state will need to retain their documents until we can reopen. Individual’s selling a Kentucky titled vehicle to another person will also have to wait until we reopen and can complete the transaction.

Elections and Voter Registration

The election staff will continue to prepare for the June 23, 2020 Primary Election.

Voters may continue to register to vote or update their address by submitting a new registration form online at until 4:00 p.m. on May 22, 2020.

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses application are by appointment only. Please contact our office at 270-247-1676.

Deed Room for records. Attorney’s and Banks need to call 270-247-1697.


The Graves County Attorney’s Office will be closed to the public. Personnel will still be in the office for EMERGENCY situations only. (Casey’s law, emergency guardianship, guardianship, involuntary mental health, etc.) If you do have an emergency situation please call 270-247-6321 to work out arrangements for filing the necessary documents.

The County Attorney’s office will remain open for all law enforcement officers regarding any emergency situation which may arise. Please try to resolve all other matters by calling the above-mentioned numbers.


The Graves County Child Support Child Support Office will not be conducting in person interviews or appointments. Our office will strive to conduct child support matters by telephone provided we have updated contact information. If an appointment has been scheduled, we will be contacting you to reschedule. Our office will respond as soon as possible.


Our Staff is here please call if you need assistance.

GRAVES COUNTY PVA 270-247-3301

Our Staff is here please call if you need assistance.


Our staff is here please call if you need assistance.

Welcome to Our Home!

"Beginning in December 1883 Graves County was established in the center of the Jackson Purchase.  From then on Graves County grew rapidly as new settlers arrived to take advantage of the reasonable land rates.  Adjacent forest gave way to cultivated fields of tobacco and corn.  Soon churches and schools were established and Graves County began a steady growth."

Sometimes we hate to say it out loud but Graves County hasn't changed much since the year it was established.  People still move here to settle to take advantage of reasonable land rates.  We still have plenty of forests that support a strong logging industry as well as plenty of recreational hunting for residents and visitors.  We still have plenty of cultivated fields of tobacco and corn.  We have a large population of churches throughout the county that minister to large congregations.  And our schools are locally, regionally and nationally acclaimed.  We have a wonderful hospital that attracts physicians to our way of life.  Graves County is a great place to visit, to live and to raise your family.

And we love having you here.  We'd like to invite you to come see us.  You'd like it here.  Our county, one of the largest geographically in the state of Kentucky, is ideal if you enjoy outdoor recreation.  We have places to hike, fish and hunt.  There are acres upon acres for horseback riding, ATV riding or just for a Sunday drive.  Check out all that we have to offer here in our piece of paradise.

With our diverse heritage and history, many find that Graves County is a place to learn where we have all come from.  Our history is well-documented.  Many of the teachings of our fathers and grandfathers are still practiced.  Whether you enjoy quilting, bee-keeping, making sausage or brooms or curing tobacco or hams, many of us work as generations did before us.

If you choose to stay you will find opportunities in both agriculture and industry.  Many of our families still make a living raising corn, soybeans, beef, pork, goats, and tobacco.  Others take advantage of area industry to develop and maintain an above-average quality of life.  Or if you are looking for a place to continue your education, many have found the Jackson Purchase rich in higher education.

The County Government strives to make our home the best place to be.  We pride ourselves in that fact that we offer a safe place for our citizens to live and to work.  We continually look for areas to improve and work with our residents to make all of our homes the best they can be.

If you get a chance to head into our part of Kentucky, we want you to know that you are welcome.  And we look forward to having you here.   

Jesse Perry