Graves County, Kentucky

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Welcome Back Home to Graves County
    Where our chicken is fried
    Our barbeque is pulled
    And our fish is cat

    Where you can get grandma's banana pudding
    and chocolate pie and coconut pie with meringue
    a mile high

    Where you can get sweet tea and sweet cornbread

In Graves County we work hard for a living
    and we're proud of it!
    We've got a great work ethic and we teach that to our children.
    We're farmers and retailers and factory workers
    and bankers and cooks and technicians.
    We have a good life here for not a lot of money
    'Cause money's important but 
    so is our faith, our farms and our families.

We're Cardinals and Eagles and Wildcats and Cardinals.
    We work hard and we play hard.
    We ride ATVs and horses.
    We fish and hunt and shop and 
    visit the people who are important to us.

We were born here, we moved here, we married people from here.
    We raise our families here.
    We plan to die here.

And if you stop by we'll make sure you're loaded up
    with farm fresh eggs and country ham and sausage
    right out of the smokehouse

We'd love to have you come for dinner
    or for awhile
        or forever
            'cause in Graves County, we're back home . . .


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