Graves County, Kentucky

County Sheriff

                 Dewayne Redmon

Chief Deputy      Davant Ramage

Captain               Jeremy Prince
K9 Officer           Kilo

Detective           Brad Smith
                           David Harrison

Sergeant            David Warner
                           George Workman

Deputy Sheriff   Steve Halsell
                            Richard Edwards
                            Jason Harpole
                            Mike Riley

CSO                     Johnny Thomas
                            Jerry Beasley
                            Fred Rouse
                            Brad Lamb
                            Shannon Puckett
                            Zachary Dunigan


Clerk                    Debra Morris
                             Sandy Ellegood
                             Nancy Richardson

Special Deputy   Richard Todd
                             Jayme Locke
                            Justin McBee
                            Trevor Bonstetter
Graves County Sheriff's Office
Dewayne Redmon
100 East Broadway
Mayfield, KY 42066
270 247 4501

Office Hours    
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time

                   $5.00 Vehicle Brought In
                  $10.00 Travel to Vehicle +
                    $5.00 Inspection
    Concealed Weapons
                    $40.00 KSP
                    Check or Money Order
                    $20.00 Sheriff
        Serving Papers

How We Serve

    Property Taxes - The Graves County Sheriff's Office is the primary tax collector for county property taxes.  Staffed with professional personnel, this office will assist you with any questions you might have concerning payment of your property taxes.  
    Criminal Division - The Graves County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the swift service/execution of all court ordered documents directed to the Sheriff of Graves County.  Our Deputies provide this service.
        Process - Graves County Sheriff's Office is responsible for serving civil documents received from the courts.
        Warrants/EPO's - The critical and timely service of protective and domestic violence orders is of the highest priority and the responsibility of the Graves County Sheriff's Deputies.
        Auto Inspections - Kentucky State Law requires all vehicles purchased in another state to be inspected by the Sheriff in the County where the vehicle is to be licensed.  The inspection is intended to insure that the vehicle is road worthy and can be operated safely.
        Evictions - The Graves County Sheriff's Office receives court orders directing the Sheriff to evict people from their residental or commercial property or to seize items of personal property to satisfy delinquent debt.
    Court Security - The Graves County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the security of all courts as well as common areas in the County Courthouse.  Additionally, Sheriff's Deputies handle the movement and transportation of prisoners scheduled for court appearances.
      Concealed Deadly Weapons - With the passing of House Bill 40, qualified Kentucky residents are allowed to conceal and carry deadly weapons as of October 1, 1996.  The Kentucky State Police are in charge of issuing a Concealed Carry Permit to carry a Concealed Weapon.  The Graves County Sheriff's Office's job is to  take an application for a permit from a Graves County resident and verify their completion certificate of the required training from a qualified training instructor along with the payment of necessary fees and take a photograph of the applicant and forward that to the Kentucky State Police.  Then in approximately 3 - 5 weeks when the KSP issue a permit they notify the applicant via mail and the applicant can pick up their permit in our office during normal business hours.  

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