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A Graves County Fiscal Court Call for Bids


Graves County Fiscal Court will be accepting sealed bids for:

Body Worn Camera System
Specifications as follows:
21 Body Worn HD Cameras with magnetic mounts
    Retina HD Video that can record in low light
    12+ hours recording capability
    Still photo capability
    Wireless Activation through multiple triggers to start recording
    In Field tagging capability
    Security Features of Encrypted data on the camera
    Mobile App feature to Stream, Tag, and replay videos on a phone with the App
    Multi Cam compatibility where more than one camera on scene can record the same event and play back on one screen

Video Resolution    Configurable up to 1080p
Weather Resistance IP67 (IEC 60529)
Corrosion Resistance
Field of View 143 degrees 
Operating Temperature -4 degrees to 122 degrees F
Drop Test 6 Feet
Humidity 95% non-Condensing
Warranty 1 year full from date of receipt with extended options
Recording Capacity up to 70 hours depending on resolution

Guaranteed Camera Replacement every 30 months at no additonal charge except for yearly contract fee

16 individual wi-fi downloading-recharging stations with sync cables, etc. for cameras
1 Six Station wi-fi downloading-recharging station with sync cables, etc. for cameras

Cloud based storage system for data to be transmitted to and stored with automatic recording deletion system based on date of recording.  Capabilities of transmitting data from Cloud System to Prosecutors to review videos and evidence.

Full day of training for all users and implementation of System.

For more information please contact

Bids must be recieved in the Office of the Graves County Judge Executive, Jesse Perry, up until 4:30PM on December 10, 2018.

Graves County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.