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In the early 1800's President Andrew Jackson authorized the negotiation of a land purchase from the Chickasaw Indians, and here his name is used daily - Graves County is located in the middle of the "Jackson Purchase".  This fertile land attracted early settlers from Virginia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee who brought with them a degree of education and culture and a fierce determination to succeed on the land.  Remarkable in their achievements as craftsmen and farmers, they put down roots to blend a political, economic and social environment unique, perhaps only to Graves County.

A trip from Paducah and Interstate 24 takes travelers down beautiful four-lane Highway 45 lined with a mixture of commerce and industry and lush farmland into Mayfield and is a fitting introduction to Graves County.  Downtown Mayfield features a historic district with antique-era light fixtures and renovated sidewalks with brick inserts. 

While in Graves County make sure to stop by the Edana Locus Mansion in Mayfield which serves as the local commerce center.  There is a most unusual sight you will probably not see anywhere else, the Wooldridge Monuments in Maplewood Cemetery.  It is referred to as "The Strange Procession that Never Moves".  It consists of life-sized statues grouped around the tomb of Henry G. Wooldridge, a local horse trader who moved to Mayfield in the 1840's.  While in town, make sure to stop by the Ice House.  This is home to the art guild and there is always a show hanging and lots of crafts and art to take home remember your trip.  Take a drive south of Mayfield to the community of Wingo and experience the Rails to Trails walking/hiking/biking trail in downtown Wingo.  This peaceful, shaded stroll of 3 miles up and back was once a busy railroad line commuting people from the outlying areas to other communities.  If you have a chance to head further south, head down to Water Valley where Camp Beauregard once stood.  This Civil War sight is full of rich history, active spirits and a gorgeous view.  As you head north through Symsonia make sure to stop by Henson's Broom Shop.  You'll experience so much more than just a shopping excursion.  Be prepared to stay a little while, and to be completely entertained.


Festival & Events

Fancy Farm Picnic - Fancy Farm, KY

Stump speeches, retail politics, barbecue galore & games make this distinctive event - the "world's largest picnic" according to the Guinness Book of World Records - central to Kentucky political life.  First Saturday in August.

Amish Consignment Sale, Dublin, KY

Each year the Amish community in Graves County comes together to sell off excess items.  You will find horses, buggies, tack, quilts, housewares, tools, etc.  The Amish ladies always bring out cakes, pies, breads and home-made donuts.  If you plan to come, plan to stay for the day.

Purchase Players

Community Performing Arts Center, Mayfield, KY
Community theater presenting six productions a year plus a dinner theater in the fall.  Performances Fri/Sat:  7pm, Sun:  2pm

Mayfield Trade Day - Mayfield, KY

Started as Mule Day in the early 1800's to trade mules & equipment - evolved over the years into a very popular weekly event.  Operates year round - Every Monday 5 am to ?

Glory Days - 4th of July Car Show & Festival - Mayfield, KY

Every July 4th the City of Mayfield sponsors a car, truck & bike show along with free rides & entertainment for children.  That night the sky lights up with the region's best fireworks.

Gourd Patch Festival - Art Show & Festival - Mayfield, KY

A-Maize-Ing Farms - Corn Maze - Mayfield, KY


Summer Music Fest - Mayfield, KY

Free concert every Saturday night during June & July.  A variety of music from gospel, bluegrass, blues, country & a cappella fills the air during the summer.  Bring your own lawn chair.

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Camp Beauregard - Water Valley, KY

Established in Water Valley in 1861, it's purpose was to protect the eastern flank of Columbus, KY.  It also served as a recruiting & training center.  At its peak housed 6000 men.  No actual battles were fought here but several scouting parties engaged in skirmishes.  Epidemics of typhoid, TB & pneumonia took the toll of men stationed here.  Over 2000 confederate soldiers are buried here.

Confederate Monuments - Courthouse Square,Mayfield, KY

The 1917 monument is significant to Graves County.  A strongly Confederate community, Mayfield was occupied by a small Union force in 1864 & the citizens were forced to build an earthen fortification around the Courthouse.  Only one of four Civil War fountains in Kentucky.

Henson Broom Shop & General Store - Symsonia, KY

You will find handmade brooms by a fourth generation broommaker & Amish made gifts & foods.  Take a trip back in time & sit on the porch & enjoy your RC Cola & Moonpie.  Famous for award-winning nationally known brooms made for Martha Stewart Living, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman & Disney's "Beauty & the Beast".

Rails to Trails - Wingo, KY

Wingo's Rails to Trails mirrors conservation movements across the country.  The goal of Rails to Trails is to promote a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people.  With Wingo's history of rail lines it has been very forward-thinking to use those abandoned rail lines to benefit the community.


Get out those compasses, maps or GPS and start looking for hidden treasure all over Graves County.  Don't forget to leave a treasure when you find what you are looking for.  If you're new to the sport, geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity use navigational techniques to hide and seek treasure containers all over the world.

National Wildlife Refuge - Clarks River, Kaler Bottoms, KY

8,265 acres along a 40-mile stretch of Clarks River.  No established roads or trails.  Only National Wildlife Refuge located entirely within Kentucky.  Kaler Bottoms WMA, 1843 acres eight miles NE of Mayfield.  Hunting, fishing, wildlife viewing.  NO developed facilities.  Limited access.  Owned by Kentucky Department of Wildlife.

Mayfield Graves County Airport, Mayfield, KY

Take a sightseeing tour all over Western Kentucky, Northwestern Tennessee, Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri.  Learn to fly.  Have that special event at the airport with or without a plane ride.  Take advantage of all that we have to offer at the Mayfield Graves County Airport.

Wooldridge Monuments - Maplewood Cemetery, Mayfield, KY

In a plot at Maplewood Cemetery are the unusual stone figures of an eccentric aristocrat & Civil War soldier, Henry Wooldridge (buried there in 1899), his family, friends & favorite animals are enshrined here.  Tagged as "The Strange Procession that Never Moves".  Open 8 am to 6 pm.

Icehouse Art Gallery - Mayfield, KY

Located in Mayfield's historical icehouse, the Icehouse Art Gallery displays works through solo or group shows, provides guidance and workspace for artists who may not have space.  Features ten exhibits through the year & the Gourd Patch Festival every September.

Edana Locus - Mayfield, KY

Seventeen room mansion built in 1926 as a private home for Ed & Annie Gardner.  Used as a public library for 32 years & now is home to the Commerce Center.  Edana is for "Ed & Anna" & Locus is Latin for "place".  Tours available.

St. Jerome Church - Fancy Farm, KY

Located ten miles west of Mayfield on Route 80.  It was settled by Roman Catholics starting in 1829 & the community grew around St. Jerome Church, built in 1836.  The village is the site of the annual Fancy Farm Picnic, famous as a traditional political gathering featuring state & national political figures. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.




Wingfield Inn
1101 West Housman St.

Mayfield, KY 42066

Purchase Parkway, Exit 24



Super 8


1100 Links Lane
Mayfield, KY 42066
Purchase Parkway Exit 24

Southern Comfort Suites

2376 Hwy 45 North
Mayfield, KY 42066
270 247 0030


CLIAL Lodge in Kaler Bottoms     

8868 State Route 131
Hickory, KY 42051
270 556 3527


The Lodge at Emerald Waters 

 351 Straight Church Road
Mayfield, KY
270 376 5555
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